B. A. Archaeological Anthropology

Columbia College, Columbia University

Undergraduate Thesis: The Evolution of Moieties in the Northern Rio Grande: The Sovereignty of Sacred Landscapes and the El Bosque Site

Thesis Advisor: Severin Fowles

Major Advisor: Zoe Crossland

Awards, Honors, and Grants:

2013                  The Ralph and Rose Solecki Prize for Outstanding Student Contribution to Archaeology  (award chosen by the faculty, given to student who has made a significant contribution to the life of the archaeological community at Columbia and/or Barnard)

2013                  Columbia Office of Multicultural Affairs Graduation Cord Honoree (given to graduating seniors “who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to diversity, social justice, and multiculturalism through the OMA, campus leadership, community involvement, academic endeavors, and/or personal dedication”)

2012                  Named Scholar: Al Jolson Fund 2012-2013 (sponsored Columbia grant recognizing students meeting certain academic and unique accomplishment requirements)

2012                  Work Exemption Program (Grant for Columbia students conducting unpaid research)

2012                  Named Scholar: Al Jolson Fund 2011-2012

2011                  Work Exemption Program

2011                  Robert Stigler Award Fund For Archaeological Fieldwork

2009                   Named Scholar: Pulitzer Scholar’s Fund 2009-2010


  • World Archaeology/Global Perspectives (ANTH V3993)
  • Pre-Columbian Histories of Native America (ANTH V3300)
  • Elementary Italian II (ITAL V1102)
  • Hiking (PHED C1002.075)
  • Archaeology of Idols (ANTH W4065)
  • Latin Music and Identity (CSER W3926)
  • Elementary Italian I (ITAL V1101)
  • GIS for Sustainable Development (SDEV W3390)
  • North American Arts and Culture I: Contact-1865 (AHIS BC3643)
  • Native American Representations (CSER W3250)
  • Native America (ANTH V3090)
  • Sailing (PHED C1001.076)
  • Masterpieces of Western Music: Music Humanities (HUMA W1123)
  • Oceanography (EESC V1030)
  • The Archaeology of Sex, Gender, and Other Things that go Bump in the Night (ANTH V3987)
  • The Archaeology of Colonialism (ANTH V2012)
  • Ancient Egyptian Culture (ANTH V3913)
  • Culture Through Film and Media (ANTH V2009)
  • Scuba (PHED C1002.069)
  • Contemporary Civilization II (COCI C1102)
  • The Origins of Human Society (ANTH V1007)
  • Masterpieces of Western Art: Art Humanities (HUMA W1121)
  • Introduction to Comparative Ethnic Studies (CSER W1010)
  • Dinosaurs and the History of Life (EESC V1401)
  • Contemporary Civilization I (COCI C1101)
  • 20th Century Art (AHIS W3650)
  • Pasts, Presents, Futures: A Critical Introduction to 21st Century Archaeology (ACLG 2028)
  • The Rise of Civilization (ANTH V1008)
  • University Writing (ENGL C1010)
  • Literature Humanities II (COCI W1002)
  • The Interpretation of Culture (ANTH V1002)
  • Film and Culture (ANTH V2008)
  • The Social World (SOCI W1000)
  • Frontiers of Science (SCNC C1000)
  • Literature Humanities I (COCI W1001)


The Amheida Project – Study Abroad Program in Dakhla, Egypt

Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York University


  • Independent Project: Excavation at Amheida (CLASS-UA 9358 – 001)
  • Fieldwork in Egypt (CLASS-UA 9357 – 001)
  • The Oases of Egypt: From the Old Kingdom to Late Antiquity (CLASS-UA 9355 – 001)
  • The Archaeology of Egypt: From the Great Oasis to Alexandria (CLASS-UA 9356 – 001)


Milford High School, Milford, MA


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